Are You In Trouble?

If you are “backwards” in your home and owe too much, you may be able to lease your home until the market recovers and your equity is restored. Our company can do property management & find qualified tenants for you. The rental market in northwest Palm Bay is VERY good!!!

On a somber note, you or someone you know may be having trouble paying the mortgage, and want the correct information as what to do. You've probably heard so many different things from different people, and some of it just may not be true... The one thing you do NOT want to do is simply walk away from your problem and let the bank foreclose on your property. There are alternatives to foreclosure and together we can see that you walk away from this with some dignity & respect.

Please take the time to look at some of the videos I have added here. They will simplify many of the terms used and provide you with some insight of the different processes.

Still confused? I am a Certified Depressed Property Expert (CDPE®). This area of expertise is specialized and you should use the Contact US tab at the top for quick help.

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